For appointments please call:
+49 (0) 6221-169092


Our office in the heart of Heidelberg’s Weststadt is easy to find - both by car and by bus and train. If arriving by car, direct your nav to “Römerstrasse 31, 69115 Heidelberg” or check the map below for directions:

Arriving by car: 
From the A5 (arriving from Karlsruhe or Frankfurt), leave the motorway at the junction HEIDELBERG and drive towards HEIDELBERG CENTER, past the train station. The office is located in Heidelberg Weststadt, approx.. 0,5mi away from the central station. Since finding a parking space in the Weststadt can be time-consuming, we advise you to plan your departure accordingly.

Arriving by bus & tram:
The office is easily accessible by tram: the building is located between two not widely separated tram stops (lines 23 and 24): "Christuskirche" and "Römerkreis Süd". The office is located in a corner building and there is a sign in front of the building.